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3 Important Things to Keep in mind Before Going On an Extensive Trekking Expedition

Trekking and backpacking are extremely intensive as well as adrenaline pumping travels that a person can do. This is one of the main reasons why so many people these days go for extensive mountain treks, camping in the wild and other such fun trips. If you are planning to go on an Ama Dablam expedition adventure tour with loads of trekking and camping, here are a few things that you must keep in mind beforehand –

Learn how to pack effectivelyYou need to pack light but also pack effectively so that you don’t miss out on any important items such as your towels, water heaters, batteries and other essential items. Take your time to go through multiple videos online that teach you the different methods to pack so that you don’t miss out on any essentials.
When you go for long camping and trekking trips such as Lobuche peak climb 21 day expedition itinerary, you need to pack enough that you can carry in your backpack. Since you will be carrying all the items yourself, you cannot pack extremely heavy items that will be a huge task to climb uphill!
Check different survival tacticsThere are a lot of different books, online courses as well as YouTube tutorials for learning the different survival tactics. These will help you out in case you are stuck in a huge snowstorm or even stuck in an accident without food or water or even any essentials. It is important to learn all these tactics so that you don’t end up getting sick or even cause yourself any fatal injuries.

A lot of the survival tactics in the wild will also provide you information on how to battle wild animals, make fire, stay warm, makeshift tent, etc. These are excellent things to know even if your trip is extremely safe.
Choose the right tour guideThere are tons of companies these days that let you hire best Himalaya mountaineering specialist as well as different companies for your tours. Do your research, read up the different reviews and ratings on the company and only then book Machu Picchu holiday trip online or any other extensive trekking trips.

You don’t want to get stuck with a tour guide who isn’t very skilled himself or even one that simply isn’t familiar with all the routes. Getting an experienced mountaineering and trekking guide can help you find the best and the safest routes in your travels especially if you are trekking in a small group.

Along with these 3 important tips, make sure to carry satellite phones as well as extra batteries in case you lose your group and need to make contact. There are a lot of other tips online that you can find but these 3 are the most important ones that can make or break your trip!
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