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How to maintain the flexibility of TPE dolls?

Submitted by qioux on Sat, 01/18/2020 - 02:02

In order to maintain and prolong the life of TPE sex dolls, you can apply baby oil to the whole body of the doll at least once a month (baby oil will be absorbed within 30-60 minutes). Use a cotton towel or makeup brush. This will help the TPE maintain its original flexibility, the tactile experience will benefit, and the TPE's resistance to tensile cracking. Stretches on the legs and armpits also require extra care: apply petroleum jelly or Nivea cream weekly. These may take 6-12 hours to be fully absorbed. Do not use alcohol, carbon (such as benzene, toluene, and xylene) and acetone, because they will dry the TPE and make it easier to tear.

If your sex dolls is made of silicone, please do not use mineral oil, petroleum jelly, Nivea Cream care products because these may make the silicone hard. Please note that petroleum jelly, Nivea cream and baby oil may remove the original cosmetics on the doll's face, breasts and vagina, as well as any self-applied cosmetics. Avoid applying on these areas, or be very careful not to rub hard to make sure that the clothes you wear on the doll are not faded. Wash your clothes or underwear at least twice before using it with your doll. Discoloration of clothes, especially dark clothes, can stain the surface of the doll. Stains can usually be removed. But this will be a time consuming process. Remember to use only water based lubricants. Silicone lubricants can damage your baby's skin. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as this will prevent premature aging of TPE / silicone materials.